Can sharing passionate kisses with a girl cause her to have lingering feelings?

Everytime I made out with my ex girlfriend, things felt very passionate and things just felt right kissing her every time like I wanted to kiss her more and more. She wouldn't stop too and we would always cuddle our days away. When she got all crazy and wanted to test my feelings and she thought I was going to use her, she went to a guy she friendzoned but he was in love with her to make me jealous by hanging with him a lot and that kind of stuff. I caught on right away and would rarely text her or text back to her. She then admitted she was hanging out with him and I said to her I want to never have any potential to be together with you.
She also borrowed my friends bong and I borrowed hers and she didn't want to give it back and I was being fake friendly but she said you're just going to take the bong back and I'll never hear from you again. When she said that I got really angry and started to say things I didn't mean to her and apologized after. After all this she started to text me things and I would ignore 80% of the time and 6 months later I'm still ignoring and she's still trying to text me. Does she still have lingering feelings? Because I know her and that other guys relationship ended and I did stalk her social media to figure this out. I do sometimes think about her as well because I never had such a passionate kiss with a girl before. Most don't feel that intense.


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  • just to talk to her already... you seem to miss her. stop being a douche and ignoring all her messages. You know she hung out with the other to get you jealous and it wasn't intentional... and you both seem to have feelings for each other. so stop acting like you don't care and ignoring her. you're stalking her on social media too...

    • There's more to the story too. All my friends eventually started to dislike her because she would always get inbetween me and my friends because of her clingy personality. She also was big on pda and when we were hanging out with my friends she wouldn't hold back making them feel uncomfortable. It got to a point where I ended up defending one of my friends over her in a petty fight she was at fault for and that's when she wanted to make me jealous because she was hurt. I still don't regret defending my friend over her because that friend has been good to me for years and has proven to me he's a loyal friend. When we were breaking up, she would call me a snake because she felt I lied about liking her and only using her for sex and referred to me and my best friend as snakes. She wanted me go faster in the relationship and I was keeping things realistic.

    • I think we got together at a bad time in our lives as we both don't have our shit together. By the time my life is back together, i think both of us would have moved on by then. I haven't seen her in person for 6 months too as I really tried to avoid her though she never texts me asking to meet up. We both have a lot of pride about this.

    • lol... you are possessive about her too. Then, why are you now saying she's clingy? If you weren't you wouldn't be jealous. I understand freinds are important for you. But making her feel small or pushing her away because of guy's night out or something... is wrong. Be considerate. Anyways, do what you want. If you think pride is more important then let it be. But if you think you could accomplish something... in the relationshpi... then you know what to do..

  • Too much game playing here. If you want her, then own up to it, if she wants to play games and make you jealous, call her out on it. Just be more mature, both pf you.

    • I do have some feelings left but i have too much pride to want to to back with her. She's the one who plays games and tests a lot so that's why I'm ignoring her.

    • "Too much pride" just shows how immature you are. If you have feelings for her then tell her but also tell her what you're looking for and what behsviour you won't deal with.

  • Well, it caused you to have feelings...


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