Boyfriend lied about saying he cheated just to break up and not talk to me?

He lied about saying he cheated because he didn't wanna be with me we've been going threw a tough patch it's been seven years he said it so hurtful he laughed about it while I sat there crying my eyes out believing him he broke me into peices I felt like I didn't wanna live anymore I cried all night stayed up then the next morning he blamed me and said I can't believe you believed that and blames me for it as bad as it sounds I want him to hold me and tell me everything's gunna be okay he's the only person I've known to be with


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  • Well apparently he really wanted out, so there 's no point in crying so much about it as it won't fix a thing, especially not the "tough patch" that made him fall out and whatever caused the "tough patch" to begin with


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  • I wouldn't waste anymore time over someone who couldn't be honest with you and would rather tell a betraying lie in order to break up


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  • Its been 7 years since break up? or recent?

    • This happened yesterday

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    • My heart feels weird my stomach I just want him to hold me and I know that's not right but I just do

    • Its hard i know, sometimes things just aren't meant to be ya know? it seems like you both need to do a bit of growing, and for future relationships remember... communication is key, obviously there was something that transpired before this either subtlely or not that was a rift.

  • Your relationship sounds like it was made in heaven. Never leave him; you two really sound like you two were meant for each other!


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