Why would an ex contact you after a year of your break up just to apologize then brag and indirectly invite you to parties? What's the logic?

What man could possible think this is a good strategy to get at an ex? Even if it's just for a hook up? Girls need to be feel a mutual respect before they're even open to hooking up, or at least I do. I don't need some ex coming up to me saying sorry he was a dick for the ulterior motive of ACTING like a dick again just to brag or do a pompous/prideful indirect invitation. Someone please explain this to me as I really just can't understand why my ex is doing this and it's so obvious.


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  • I don't know maybe he still likes you and thinks you will be impressed by what he is bragging out. Clearly you weren't however.

  • he's still in love with you girls throw out boys very fast but boys can't

    • He dumped me and he got a girlfriend shortly after. He and his girl broke up mayb a couple months ago and he reaches out to me? I don't get it. He was the dick. He apologized. and I forgave him and then he acted more dickish. I'm so confused lolol

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