Hurt my boyfriend, will I get him back?

my boyfriend dumped me 3 weeks after his mate rung him up and told him I was flirting with a guy in bar and dancing provocatively with him - his mate said to him 'if that was my girlfriend I would dump her'. I did tell this guy I had a boyfriend, but he was drunk and wouldn't leave me alone, maybe I was flirting a little but wasn't dancing provocatively with him! must of been eating away at him cos he stopped saying he loved me and he broke up with me 3 weeks later, saying he didn't love me anymore. We have had contact since, we even met up a few days after, and he asked for a hug a few times and asked to hold my hand under the table. Its been 7 weeks since then, we have had occasional contact, and he has tried to contact ME twice by calling me but I refused to talk to him because he said it was over and it was just going to bring me more heartache if I kept hearing his voice. So I have just been responding by text messages, I said to him, if you don't want me, then please don't contact me. He agreed it was unfair on me, and that he just wants to be 'good friends'. Next day I text him and agreed to be good friends cos I thought I would rather have him in my life than not at all. I said however, that I don't want him to text and ring ME, cos that would mess with my would confuse I said 'just let me contact you for now'. And I haven't really. Just the odd text wishing him good luck for a test etc. apart from that, I have been so strong and give him lots of space.

its been 7 weeks. Is he just hurt and will need lots more time? Or is REALLY over? Shall I show I am truly committed to him and him only, and wait around? Trouble is, if I date other guys, it will get back to him. I don't know what to do, kind of feel in limbo even though he has spelled it out quite clearly. I have a strong gut instinct that he will change his mind.

Its my birthday in a week, and I said a few weeks ago, that there wasn't any hard feelings and I would still love him to come. but I don't know whether, by inviting him, that I am inviting drama or setting myself up for rejection? or could this be an opportunity for us both to see each other again and 'test the water' as it were/see how the land lies.

could I have advice on the whole situation?

Thanks guys

Hurt my boyfriend, will I get him back?
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