So broken after relationship break?

I'm absolutely out of control I feel like I don't know I don't want to live anymore I swear.. I wanna express all my feelings but I truly have nobody
Is there anyone to get my feelings with 😔


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  • Hugs to you!! Im sorry you're dealing with heart break. It's not easy stuff, even when you deal with it for the 10th time in life or whatever number.
    Time is your friend in a case like this. You need to allow yourself to "feel" and go through the stages of it all to come out healthier emotionally and happier. Focus on you, take time to enjoy the things you love, spend more time with friends, keep busy... Or if you enjoy writing you can keep a journal of some sort to write down your feelings when you feel it's hard to handle. Even writing her letters describing how you feel, but not send them helps.
    How long ago did you break up and how long were you together?
    Your still very young, this is just the beginning of your journey into dating. You will heal from this I promise :)


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