I have loved my cousins wife for years he and I are best friends what do I do?

the other day I told her how I felt and she didn't even bat an eye in fact she sends me mixed signals all the time on the way home I was a bit upset you know love hurts and he told me (my cousin) "you never have to hide you feeling at my house bud" so I proceeded to write his wife and he on facebook but it all turned sour grapes and now I fill ripped in half! on top of that she says she feels like her life is a train and she just a passenger it makes me so sad all I want is her happiness and his but I love her so to me her happiness comes first and yes I think guy codes are dumb I felt as if I have found my soul mate but I have to wait for my next life to be with her! I see her and I feel at home what do I do!
and now are friendship may be over and I thought we were closer then that at least I was that close!


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  • This whole thing here, dear, is Sounding more and more like A... Train Wreck.
    Get off her Caboose and Move on Off of this Track that will only End up a Disaster, which I am sure with 'It all turned sour grapes and now I fill ripped half," it May have already Began to Go... Bad.
    I realize you are in love with her, and she May be having Marital issues that have caused her own Heart to go into Over Drive.
    However, he IS your cousin and this is a Married woman. Remember, Blood is Thicker than water.
    Move on now. Lick your own War Wounds, and When you are this Ready Eddy again, go out into the World while there is still One, and find the Perfect Girl and Give her a Whirl.
    I don't think neither if you do not Agree that there would Never be Any other in this Lifetime, I Believe, Once you Leave, that perhaps In your Wildest Dreams, she is Out There Somewhere.
    Good luck.

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Like and the Vote of Confidence.. With your own heart of gold, I am quite Confident you will not have a problem finding anyone hot. xxoo

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  • You respect their marriage because you can't be selfish and let your feelings for her ruin theirs. She's in charge of her life no one making her stay, so if so happens in the future that you two want to be together then so be it, but I mean I don't think it's going to be widely accepted in your family.

    • why do you think it won't be widely excepted? just for sg

  • Leave her alone she is married to your cousin. If she feels the same way about you she will leave him... and be with you. Since she hasn't I suggest you leave them be I'm sorry hun I know you love her. love sucks

  • she's married so leave her alone you'll find someone else that is suited for you !

  • Move on. She's married. The end.

  • Lord, I don't envy you one bit. My cousins mean the world to me, so I couldn't do it. But I do feel for you, man.


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  • Leave her , she is booked , look for single chick, dude

  • Have sex with her lol.


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