Is flirting cheating or not?

When does flirting become cheating?

Where is the line where flirting becomes unacceptable flirting?

Or its it flirting with someone that is not your significant other just cheating period.

I would like to know what you think.

I personally think that flirting is not cheating, it becomes unacceptable when the person takes action. They actually spending time with each other or exchange numbers or constant contact. When someone does this they have shown an interest to this person, something beyond "casual" flirt. Which it becomes cheating.

Flirting is acceptable has nothing to do with cheating.
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Flirting = Cheating
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Flirting is unacceptable when one of the two people take action to actually spend time together or have everyday contact.
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Is flirting cheating or not?
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