How to get over a break up?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago but we are still in contact and are close friends. We never cross boundaries and there's nothing sexual at all in any of our conversations. However I feel comfortable and at ease talking to him the most out of all my friends.
We are planning to meet soon (first time after break up) and he's talked about future things he wants to do with me like work together etc. I don't want to fall in love with him again and get hurt but right now I feel as though it's really hard. What should I do :( by the way we are both still single


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  • Maybe you should stop talking to him for a bit and explain to him how you feel so he doesn't get offended. I don't think that's what you want to hear and I don't think you will listen because I know how hard it is to stop talking to someone you like. The truth is that you might already be in love him or still in love from before you broke up.

    • Thanks for your comment :) it is really hard because I find myself missing him when I try not to talk to get used to him not being around. Do you know if I like him just because I'm used to him and I'm afraid of change? Because deep down he's not the ideal man for me but I still like him?
      I don't even know myself haha

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  • You should ask him why you guys broke up and have things changed ever since you guys broke up and ask him if he is really confortable with being friends and make sure you tell him you still have feelings for him but you dont won't to be hurt again. I hope this helps


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  • Why are u still friends with him when obviously u are not totally over him. U've allowed him to keep you in the friend zone and that will come back to hurt you eventually. If u feel like u might still fall for him, don't meet with him unless he wants to work things out with u

  • Clean break. Never associate with him again. put him in the past.


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