Should I leave my Ex or not?

Should I leave my Ex or not?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago because things weren't working out. by the way its a LDR. She said she still cares about me, thinks about me, thinks about stuff I used to say to her when we dated, we tlk everyday though she dosent reply back to my text as quick has she used to, she still wants to be freinds cause she likes tlking to me, she dosent like anyone else and she still has feeling for me but there not that strong. A few days ago I told her I was going to leave her alone because she was confused. So I told her I was going to leave her alone since she's confused. She said if u want... I guess... I asked her if she would be sad.. she said yeah... so I decided not to leave. I told her I thought her not texting me for 5 days was her letting men is she wants me to leave... she was like nono. I told her she probably doesn't want to talk to me and probably wants me to leave. She was like no dont think like that. I dont. Stop saying that. How I'm I suppose to not think she dosent wanna talk to me and dosent want me to leave when she texts me back a day late? Can I be a back pocket boyfriend? Should I eave her or not?
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For those that say yes. Can you please tell me why?
Should I leave my Ex or not?
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