Will someone please please answer my questions?

I rote a question and it was so long I had to post another question as a continuation. This is really important to me at such an emotional time. I trust the gag community and know you guys can give me some encouraging words please check the links below and flow the story in these two questions. It's much appreciated!

Part 1. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/relationships/q2019983-will-someone-give-me-their-advice-opinion-on-this-situation

part 2


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  • there are too many complications about that relationship. sometimes breaking up, sometimes sex for silly reasons and sometimes argument with no positive results... etc. (sorry for harsh words )
    it's easy to build hope, but it's hard to put it on someone doesn't know what he wants.
    what do you want from someone doesn't know what he wants?

    • I want a committed relationship

    • what you ask is not impossible, but you asking fake feelings form fake person. he cares about you, but he wants to be with someone else and come back to you when things go wrong? that's called being selfish.
      you've to be brave to abandon some people in your life. don't let what happened make you lose your confidence... Or you'll trust anyone you meet, could be dangerous.
      sorry for what happened.

  • As a guy, I can relate with his feelings, needs, and experiences. Prior to him meeting this mystery girl, I think he liked you but you didn't excite him as he'd have loved. He had you around to fill a temporal void: that feminine touch.

    While all the drama between him and you was going on, he was busy searching for a new girl. As fate would have it, he found that girl who has excited his imagination. The girl is offering him what he truly needs and wants. To him, you are the opposite of what he needs.

    Telling you about this girl was a means to say to you, "my happiness is with another girl", and to let you know there is no future between you and him. The oral sex he did to you has no meaning him but for him to know you look and feel down there. Trust me. Many guys including me would have done the same, knowing that was his first and last meal (i. e. giving you oral).

    There is no doubt he is conscientious about the consequences of his actions on you, and he has sought to limit the pain that would cause on you.

    It's over. Move on, please. I know it's hard. You're better-off being with a guy that loves you genuinely, not a guy who shed crocodile tears for you.

  • I have read all what is the question?

    • I need an opinion, some advice, anything

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    • Always an open nonjudgmental and kind hugz! and pm me I will do what I can... and always love new friends... hugzπŸ€πŸΆπŸ€

    • And as always I promise to keep your privacy... I do know the pangs of heartbreak all to well , I am here for all... hugz πŸ€πŸΆπŸ€

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