Why are people so active with their "exes"?

I have noticed that many problems stem from the fact that people don't stop seeing their exes for one reason or another sometimes for the course of years. It causes insecurity and instability in their new relationships and this is especially true when there are no children or shared assets and they just don't leave one another alone.

My personal view is that once you break-up you have a chance at a clean slate with another person presuming you make the choice not to continuously drag your past along by talking to people who you just should let go. Even if you were friends prior there's very rarely any reason, at least in my opinion, to keep purposefully seeking out the past which is almost guaranteed to harm the future. Unless there is some intention to actually rekindle the relationship or some truly binding status like children or property I think you should just stop bothering with generating your own drama.

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Why are people so active with their "exes"?
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