Just found out ex has a new boyfriend and feeling an incredible amount of anger!

i just saw it on Facebook when looking through some unrelated people oddly I came across his profile and he had up a picture of himself and her , yeah I get the picture and I'm pretty p*ssed at the whole thing and way this girl has treated me of late ( more like being treated like crap and having sh*t said about me ) . to see a picture of her with another guy all happy just makes me so angry and upset . I don't know what to do about these feelings and concerned I may do something stupid at some point , but I doubt I'll do much about this as I don't ever see her in person


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  • Ok I know this is going to sound strange but in my experience the best thing to do is to just accept the situation. By this I mean when you feel the anger and pain don't shut it off or throw a tantrum, instead just close your eyes and feel it. Focus on your emotions... experience them. Forget the context and just feel how your body reacts. Eventually you get used to it. You understand that it cannot really harm you and that nothing last forever, even your pain. You accept that you feel this way sometimes and that, like everything else, it won't last forever.

    Once you've accepted your lack of control of the situation, and that your emotions are nothing to be afraid of, you won't care. Then you can move on and make yourself happy. You don't need anyone else to make you happy, you have the power to do that on your own.

    • Ok some good ideas but this still doesn't change the realities of an akward and messy situation , which is bound to get more messy before its over

    • It's just the buddhist in me. Why does it have to get messy? Can't you just not look at her or his Facebook page and forget about it. Move on. There are plenty of girls out there. If you're not getting any right now, just be patient man, it'll come.

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