How to deal with these feelings?

I recently was just dumped out of a 2 and a half year relationship. It's been about 3 months and I've tried to get back into the dating scene. However since that time I've experienced several rejections and not much success. With each rejection I seem to accumulate more and more bitterness, not towards women but to the idea of dating. I recall being rejected frequently prior to this long term relationship but not being saddend by it at all.

I can't seem to figure out what the difference is betseen myself now and myself before but now I'm feeling like I'm developing a negative mindset where I don't want to reach out to people because of the pattern of rejection I've experienced.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Hey that really sucks but don't think
    bad of women look first at your attitude and work on yourself.
    if you are dragging all your experience and emotions from the past women will pick up on that.
    Try to not be clingy or pushing or get mad fast.
    instead work on yourself be confident about the things you do and most important you have to be happy by the things you do !
    This way you'll be more desireable and attractive instead of a pathetic guys (not saying that you're one!) who's nagging all the time and comparing each girl to his Ex.

    As for relationship after a break up we incline to jump in a new relation as fast as possible to forget the previous one and we usually choose someone below our standards /morals or ideals which on the long run will come like a boomeran at us.
    So don't work to quickly on that!
    take the time to get to know someone and ask questions about things that you think are important in a relation.
    Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't that's just life but just keep trying ;)


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  • You just recently got out of a relationship, give yourself time to heal. I would suggest you to just focus and work on yourself, instead of rushing into finding/getting a new relationship. It won't help you. Someone will eventually come your way.


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  • The waiting is the hardest part...

    Let life happen to you and you will meet that next girlfriend...

  • Have you ever asked women out with friends alongside you?


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