What is the most CUTEST thing your boyfriend/girlfriend has said too you?

C'mon people,tell your stories! :)

if you ain't in a relationship you can say the cutest thing your Ex has said OR if you have been secretly in love to someone but you weren't never in a relationship.

Let the so cute stories to begin!

Thanks (:


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  • My boyfriend had said tons of cute things that just made me melt inside. I'll share the most recent things that just made me go "awww!" Lols!

    Me: Why are you sad?

    Him: I miss you.

    Me: I miss you, too! But is there anything else that's wrong? You can tell me, I'll listen.

    Him: No. I just want you here.

    "I love you so much! I've never been so happy."

    "I'll do anything for you, because you're the woman I love."

    "You're beautiful, sweet, smart, you don't like drama, you love video games... You're perfect."

    "I'm so glad you need me just as much as I need you."


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