I fell in love with a girl who can't just get over her ex?

So I knew this girl who always liked me, we never really went forward. We went to different schools I got into a relationship & so did she. Few years go by we see each other at work and we start hanging out. I started to catch feelings for her but didn't think any of it would happen cause she always was still attached to her ex. We go out one night & she breaks out how she always wanted to be with me blah blah so we start talking for a few weeks. I didn't wanna rush anything cause I knew she might still like that ex so a month goes by and she starts bringing up I really like you I wanna be your boyfriend. We eventually start dating, I've dated other girls before thought I was in love before but this one just hit me. I was crazy for her would do anything for her I was so in love. She would tell me all the same things no guy has ever done any of this for me before your so much different. She then tells me she can't be with me we rushed this to fast it wasn't you it was me. She's not over her ex, she continues to tell me she really likes me and wants to be with me but she can't until she is fully over him. She needs to take this one step at a time. I go on a work related vacation for a week and thought that had something to do with it I sent her stuff when I left she told me omg nothing like this has happened to me this is defiantly in the right direction, then she tells me she had seen her ex again and she's all messed up in the head. She can't get over him. We hangout when I get back for about a month and now she just wants to stop talking and have her get over him until she can date me again. I've never felt this way about someone before I really don't know what to do because she keeps telling me she wants to be with me too but she can't right now cause she can't get over her ex.


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  • Sounds like me. U hav to allow her to go through her moving on period.. She can never love u unless she is over her ex. Give her space and wait till she comes back to u, don't chase her and don't be her friend

  • Ask her if she is still interested in her ex, if yes, drop to friendship and let her fulfill her choice.


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