Does my ex still like me?

I know it's a cliche question. But we broke up a week ago, we were perfect beforehand and he just broke it off after talking to his friends about us and then telling me he wants it to work but it won't and he wants to focus on himself. We had been close friends for 2 years before dating for 9 months, he spent those two years wanting to be with me but during those times we were each other's rocks helping each other through everything. Even together, near the end we both said we love each other and don't want anybody else. I know 100% he isn't seeing anybody else nor interested.

We ended badly in a heated argument of emotions and he told me to stop contacting him. So I did. A few hours later he posted a poem about me and how I'm his weakness and addiction to his blog (he's a writer) which I only saw as I went to unfollow him. He unfollowed my Instagram in return, and a few days later began liking my posts even though it's out of his way to do so. I'm currently doing no contact and that's what he wanted, so why is he writing poems and liking my stuff?

he means a lot to me as we have a lot of history and I still only want him in my future so obviously I am hopeful as before all of this he was a wonderful guy but I'm just confused, I feel like I'm being given mixed signals.
Does my ex still like me?
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