I think my girlfriend is about to break up, Im still in love and already panicking, what should I do?

I think I girlfriend is about to break up, Im so in love but I know there's nothing I can do. Im not asking how to make her not leave me but, what should I do now? Im already panicking, the thought of losing someone I love so much is killing me. Im an engineering student and Im scared that I won't make it because I know myself, I know Im going to be depressed and won't be able to focus in class. Not to be rude but please cut the "you will find someone else" crap. Im in love this is not the time to tell me that I will find someone else because even the thought of me spending time with someone that is not her makes me sad. If you have similar stories where someone you loved broke up with you and you felt miserable but ended up in a better place etc, please share.


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  • I've had a dude I thought I loved break up with me and was horribly depressed for a long time. I didn't eat for 4 days straight and was just miserable. Now I'm with an amazing guy that I know without a doubt that I truly love him and have been with him for over 4 years now. ^^

    Why do you think she would leave you?

    • Thats awesome. I think she's about to break up because she's been so cold lately. She doesn't call, doesn't care when I call she just rushes to hang up. I commented a hearth under one of her Instagram pictures and she deleted it. She doesn't care about my feelings anymore. She gets pissed about anything. The list is so long

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    • I know but still. FML I guess.

    • Best thing to do is not think and lose yourself in your work.

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  • You should focus more on your studies and put everything else aside, don't mix your relationship with her, with your studies, i know its hard for you to do this but that's what should be done, push yourself.
    And by the way, its her loss not yours ; she lost somebody who truly loved her. I'm sure you will make it through this shit.

    • Im a weak person, I can't stop thinking about her. Im seriously considering going on antidepressants just to get through this.

    • Yeah, i've been through it, and know what? I am perfectly fine right now without him, sometimes distracting yourself helps. You're stronger than you think, believe me and you will make it through this. But please don't mix your studies with your desperation, don't repeat my mistake, you will regret it later..

    • Thank you, I will try

  • I dated a guy for 2 years and we were both in love. He started acting cold towards me and he just wasn't acting himself. Eventually he finally came out to me that he was gay and that he was so sorry. My heart was completely broken and I was so devastated I dropped out of college because I was so heartbroken. Although my heart was shattered I still cared and still do care for him deeply and want just want him to be happy no matter who it's with. It took awhile to get over him (about a year) but I had and still have no hard feelings. I know you don't want to hear it and I hated/hate when people tell me this but you will fall in love again with someone who wouldn't think twice about leaving you. Heartbreaks are painful but you will get through it :) I wish all the best for you in your studies and in finding a love that will be extraordinary and last forever. Good luck!


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  • Take her out on a romantic date. Show her why you love her.

    • We are in a long distance relationship and Im not asking for what to do to not make her break up with me. I dont want to end up depressed and miserable when she does.

    • You think her spending time with you will make her leave? Doesn't sound healthy.

      What do you think is wrong with the relationship? What signs have said she was looking to end it?

    • No she doesn't want to spend time with me at the moment. I think she will leave because she rarely calls me and when I call she rushes to hang up, she clearly doesn't care about my feelings anymore, she gets pissed about anything I say.

  • Talk to her and let her know how your feeling.


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