Should I fight for him.. basically tell him how I feel?

Well we were in a relationship. It was solid in my opinion and things were great. Have a lot in common and act the same. We are very much like each other. Examples are like we both want the same things in life, have same beliefs ( marriage etc) same occupation outcome, Family values, religion we get along great and could talk about anything and want to explore new places. I am very much comfortable with him. he's my person and everyone saw us being together for a long time that when he broke up with me it came as a shock. He became depressed and shut everyone out. he was struggling to find a job and money was getting low. Upon coming out of this he told me he didn't see us connecting and did not feel what he thought he should be feeling towards me which i find to be very weird because before this all happened things were good. We were happy and enjoying it together and he was very loving etc. So to me it shocking. Since bu I have been sad but I have not et him see it besides that one night. Since then he has initiated contact with him and after some time I have a few times. Things are good we joke aorund talk about random stuff etc. He still seems like he cares or is trying to find info out. We did have sex 3x which I know is a big no-no. I do love him and not sure if I could ever get him back since the BU just seemed so shocking. I feel like there could be. I mean I don't know. I want to talk to him and tell him how I feel basically fight for him. It almost been 2 months since BU so i think it might be safe to just tell him listen I still very much have strong feelings for you and me and you having sex when we do is not helping much so we can try again or im not sure. Is that a bad idea? I want to be open with him and tell him since I still do feel this way towards him. It can either go good or bad i guess. so help me!!
Should I fight for him.. basically tell him how I feel?
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