How long should it take to get over an ex?

So I messed up with the fuel that should have been my soul mate, 15 year old me broke up with her because it was too serious for him.

Year and a half later we start talking again and there was... physical interaction. Turns out she had a boyfriend of a year. Talked it over and she said she didn't want to leave him, but wanted me too, basically wanted two relationships but only one publicly. It hurt me, so we split off again, another 8-9 months pass, we started talking again, only I once again made the mistake of letting myself fall all over again and got myself tore apart. Again. I really just walked into.

Why then, after 3 years, am I still hung up on this girl? It's so frustrating, she's literally perfect...

Am I just pathetic? How does one once and for all deal with this.

I want to move on and find my long term partner, but I feel like if I stay hung up on her it will take away from new relationships.


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What Girls Said 1

  • As long as you idealize her in your mind you will never get over. Furthermore you are being unrealistic, how is she perfect when she is willing to cheat?


What Guys Said 1

  • Keep your self busy with friends and hobbies. Maybe you will find a new women that's perfect. Try to break contact with her for a while or until she tries to win you back. Hang in there it's tough.


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