Is this creepy?

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years about two weeks ago, he was really upset so I agreed to leave it a month and see how we felt but he won't leave me alone!

He constantly texts me all the time as though nothing has happened.

when we were together he got rid of snapchat, Twitter and Instagram because he hates social media.

Other day I had to make a new Twitter as my old got hacked - he followed me. He liked my Instagram picture and he has viewed every story I have put on. Also he won't remove our relationship status on Facebook.

The other day he started listening to a band I've been listening to for ages and said 'just started listening thanks for recommendation'. The are called the Cure and he asked me my favourite song and told me his fave was 'Boys don't Cry' google the lyrics and you will understand why I'm becoming really really creeped out.

He keeps saying 'when we get back together' but I don't want too!!!

help me what shall I do?


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  • He loves you. These are all symptoms of a breaking heart in that he feels he is losing you and will take whatever unilateral action he can to stay or enhance his connectedness to you.

    • The Cure...
      You can't pick better music for a broken heart. The entire album "Disintegration" is a mope-fest. Listen to the songs "Dusintegration" and "Prayers for Rain".

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  • That's why women doesn't deserve to get into relationship,
    and to have never sex, while the men enjoy doing it.

    • I'm sorry I don't understand what you are saying? Your opinion doesn't make much sense.

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    • I wasn't being rude your opinion just wasn't coherent that's all

    • Also I can't help how I feel? I'm sorry that you are hurting and he is but that doesn't mean I should sacrifice my happiness and be trapped in a relationship I don't want to be in.

  • Considering he hates social media he seems to be using plenty of it to keep tracks on you. Look you have to be honest and tell him now that its over for good. Don't hold anything back or sugar coat it, rejection is rejection either way so don't be nice about it. He needs to get the point clearly that you have no intention of getting back with him. Then cut him off your social media, block him or whatever you do with it (I genuinely don't do it lol) see how he reacts and if he continues to try and bug you then report it.

  • kinda gotta get the police involved id think


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  • Tell him that you don't want to get back together. He's going to be upset, but you're just going to have to let him deal with it.


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