What's holding him back?

Guys what's the problem ? So, there's this guy that gets jealous when I'm talking to other guys but he never told me he liked me or anything like that..whats holding him back? should I just forget about him?

oh btw, we hooked up


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  • "He never told me he liked me or anything like that..." "Oh BTW, we hooked up."

    Doesn't make any sense. At all. Do you assume he hooked up with you because he doesn't like you? Because common sense would tell me that if someone were to hook-up with someone else, chances are that there is some level of "Like" involved.

    • Lololol, seriously. wtf.

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    • Come on girl tell him if you want something more because him being jelous is a clear sign he wants to be wih you but he doesn't know if you like him back, not really

    • Ok. You hooked up already right? Well, chances are unless he does really like you and wants more with you, which he hasn't seemed to take too much time to verbalize to you, he's just happy with his conquest of hooking up with you. Then, when you speak to other guys, he gets all worked up at the prospect of another guy potentially achieving the same conquest as him. He wants his cake and wants to eat it too. Screw him, move on.

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  • lol.

    i don't think anyone would hook up with anyone unless they liked them, I mean of course unless you guys were drunk or something.

  • You may wait for him to grow up,huh.


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  • I asked like this same question haha :) Cause I'm kind of in the same situation as you...I think my guy's just jealous in general and he doesn't exactly know what he wants. But you should make it clear to him that as long as you two aren't committed, you can talk to whoever you want.

    • My guy confronted me when I talked to that other guy..in mt head I was like "um yea we're not committed so I can talk to whoever I want" he gets super jealous..i think I'm just gonna be done with him cause he's not letting me know anything but he gets jealous when other guys tries to talk to me

  • You're sure he's jealous and not just a prick?

    In either case, I would forget about him. He sounds quite immature.


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