Why is my ex so angry that he only emails and refuses to talk?

First, let me say that my ex was responsible for the breakup due to his inappropriate behavior and lies. In the end, I took out my anger on him and we decided to separate. He began to get angry at me for how I was "mean" to him at the end of the relationship, BUT he caused me to feel that way. He expected me to beg for him for months, but I wasn't going to do that. I decided to back away for a few months and let him see his mistakes.

Meanwhile, he began trying to go my attention on messenger apps without actually contacting me. He would literally spend months playing games signing on and off to get me to notice him. That is how much ego he has. I had to contact him because I was tired of it and he ONLY would speak OVER EMAIL. This is almost two years later and we go back and forth over email every few months. He is really pissed at me for my anger, but has yet to admit any of his lies and issues. I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS. He would get mad over email about my reaction to HIS behavior and then not reply to my email for like a month. Then, for several month stalk me online. WTF.

I am the kind of person that just wants to deal with things immediately and HE AVOIDS the truth and confrontation. I do love him and it is hard to have this separation, obviously he loves me as well since he is so angry and does crazy shit to get my attention.

Why is he such a coward that he only want to speak over email? How can I get him to face me?


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  • I can see where he is coming from... you sound angry.

    • He is more angry, believe me. And, anytime I bring up the truth, he gets more defensive!

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  • Just let this go. This is dumb drama you don't need in your life. You guys are broken up, just ignore him and block him. You're perpetuating this honestly by responding every time you guys talk. Two years is WAY TO LONG to be dealing with this. Don't you want to find someone else and get over this? He's not going to face you in person.

    • Why would he avoid me, yet try to get my attention then? I understand your point, but certain connections cannot be replaced. Believe me... I have tried. I don't see why he is carrying the grudge when he is mainly responsible...

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    • But, he won't even communicate outside of email! What should I do then?

    • Don't respond. Just stop. How does this make you happy? Just tell him "I want to meet in person to talk this out. It's been two years which is way too long to be holding on to this anymore. If you will not meet me, then please stop contacting me." and block him.

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  • He won't so drop it and move on

  • copy this and paste it into an email to him.


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  • Waste of your time! If you're contacting him even just to tell him to stop trying to get your attention- he won!
    If he can't be a grown up and have proper conversations in person than ignore him and move on. Sounds like he's playing some childish games. Don't play into them

    • Exactly, he is full of mind games. I have never seen a person go to such lengths to avoid truth/confrontation. SO ANNOYING!

    • I have been with one of the same kind. I feel your pain lol!!

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