Is my boyfriend a self centered dick or have I been looking at this the wrong way?

Me and this guy I met online about a year ago have been in an off and on rocky relationship. I've been trying to talk to him all week but he's been busy playing volleyball and babysitting his niece and little brother. The problem became evident when this went on for four days straight, mind you this is a long distance relationship, he's from Louisiana, I'm from Texas, but we were actually planning on moving in together in the near future. He'll sleep the day away then wake up at around four to get ready for his volleyball game, leave come back at like 10 or 11 pm, even though I know his games only last an hour, and talk about how tired he is and say he can't talk, a little back story on me is I'm a very lone wolf type of person, I don't have many friends so when I meet someone knew that I like I latch onto them. So that plays a big role in our issues. But then he'll wake up the next day and babysit his siblings and then will usually go to practice or if there's no practice we finally get to talk. Our recent argument spawned from him coming home and saying he was tired, I usually harp down on him saying stuff like "you've been gone all day I want to talk to you." but this time I just let him go cause it being the 4th day in a row, I was too pissed to care anymore. So he goes to sleep, a friend of mine calls me 5-10 minutes later, talking about about just general stuff. I don't know if this'll matter but she said that she had feelings for me the day before. So were just talking and he comes out of the blue saying "I can't sleep, call me." I told him no cause I was already n the phone with my friend and I wasn't going to just drop everything for him just cause he finally feels like gracing me with his presence, so he tells me okay you've made your choice, now you have to live with it and dumps me the next day, my thing is am I in the wrong or is he just a self centered twat who thinks the world revolves around him. I'd detail more but there's only so much I can type.
Is my boyfriend a self centered dick or have I been looking at this the wrong way?
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