Guys, what phrase do you go through before a break up?

Not many people break up with someone right away unless it's out of anger. There is a phrase before hand when someone has planned to break up. Guys, I want to know what do you do before you break up. Do you do nice things or start getting upset on small things? Do you say you will change for the better but it's different from what she would except?


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  • When you keep trying and things are bad and don't change then that is normally the way to break up. Also when you keep trying and giving the other person so many chances to change, improve and get better. When nothing improves or gets better then that would be a reason why I would break up.

  • when she does not listen you anymore and you feel like you are talking to the walls. when she makes assumptions about you is not interested in what you say, regardless of what you say. then you start wondering why you are together with her and everything feels like chore, the sex, conversations everything. then you want to break up.


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