When you're about to end your affair with someone would you throw "stones" on his face or just leave quietly without saying a word?

So now i decided to leave my close friend because i've had enough of his ignorance and carelessness to me although i know some secrets about him he isn't aware that i know that are enough to convince me to leave him but i stayed. We used to talk like everyday but all of a sudden he stopped without giving an explanation, he left me clueless, overthinking everything, and when i post something trying to grab his attention, he merely ignores me more, so should i actually wait until he talks again and throw 'stones' on his face ( by stones i mean 'explode') or just leave quietly and let him wonder why i left?


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  • Your last option is always the best... staying quiet and just disappearing is FAR more aggravating and speaks way more volumes than you wasting your time trying to "throw stones on his face". That option give him the satisfaction of seeing you all wrapped up in him and his actions while the other one just says "You're not even worth my time".


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  • Or just tell him him u can't see this ending well, and you are deciding to move on, let him figure it out then.


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