I sent a closure message and he wants to call?

After 10 months of talking every day we just stopped.
We started talking every few days, then once a week, then never.
It kills me. He was by best friend, he was my best love, and I don't know how that even happens.

I sent him a closure message last night saying:
"I never thought you would treat me like that and that is why it hurt so much. I will forgive you and i hope that life is treating you well"

I didn't expect a reply but he said "can i call you tomorrow?". I sent him a message on my break asking if he wanted to call then, but he didn't. I'm so nervous. I don't know what's going to happen.

I just don't know how you can go from being so comfortable and talking every day to awkward, and in his case, not wanting to talk at all. I'd do anything to go back to how it was, even without the dating, back to friends!


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  • You said he wanted to call you, sounds to me like he wants to explain himself? Maybe something came up that has occupied his time recent;y. I'd hear him out when he gets the opportunity to call. Plan for the worse but hope for the best. Goodluck

    • Even if we started talking again in some capacity I'm so scared because it's just not as easy as it was. It feels kind of awkward… How do I make it less awkward?

    • He hasn't messaged me back though...

  • this is literally me in my ex we stopped talking a week ago and its killing me and he hasn't responded to anything and it makes me feel like im very forgettable and it sucks.. goodluck and i plan on sending a closure message in a few weeks if he doesn't text me..


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