Broken hearts :( ?

To my fellow females out there, how do you ever truly get over a broken heart when you sincerely loved the person?
I'm drowning..
I need help


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  • Heartbreak fucking sucks balls sis. Time heals all wounds. Go out and be with your friends, party go clubbing, just do shit. I know you wanna just sit at home and mop around and think about him but you gotta force yourself to do it. It will help. Trust me.


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  • I've been there many times. TIME will help heal your heart. And going NC and sticking to it. I promise there's a reason it didn't work out and that reason was that you reach the person you were meant and destined to be with. Someone who will show you a love 100 times better than the love you thought you knew. xx

    • NC isn't working..
      We have a kid together and he hasn't even seen her since she was born..
      He won't stop contacting me..
      I just don't know what to do

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  • You find something else you can enjoy and want to do that is productive and will keep you distracted from those unhappy feelings and thoughts of having a broken heart over whomever and/or whatever.

  • It takes a lot of time. Try to focus on the positives in life though it will be hard at first eventually you will cope.

    • There's just nothing positive to focus on.
      I can't even look our baby without feeling sad that she'll be growing up without a father

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    • You don't understand what a shame it is to be a single mom in my country, and a greater shame to be a kid born out of wedlock :(

    • It is true i'm not aware of your situation and I am sorry you had to go trough it. I'm also aware it's hard to find the positives when your world came crashing down. Something to think about is how can you see the good times in life if all you do is look at the ground. Essentially if you keep looking down then you will miss all the good to come, keep your head up.
      Also please be aware my life was not full of daises either.

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  • You do. With my first love. After knowing and being friends for 10 years before it felt like part of me died the day he left... know it feels like drowning now but with the support of family and friends it helps pick up the pieces
    you need to get through the sadNess and crying til there's no tears left part first

    • :( I've cried till I fell Ill
      I'm still not fully recovered, no family or friends to confide in
      I'm just an emotional wreck

    • It just takes time hun til you realise you need to pick up the pieces

  • Feel the pain for as long as you have to. Don't give yourself a time table. Don't try to manipulate your emotions. Go through the motions in life. Wake up everyday and do what you have to do. And eventually you won't be hurting anymore.

  • Hugs!! Time heals broken hearts. It may take a lot of it but you'll eventually get there. Keep busy as much as possible xx

  • Time heals all wounds.

    Right now you may think that it's bullshit but I can tell you from personal experience that there's a lot of truth to that saying.

  • Time. Just time.

  • you will be alright. keep swimming back to the top. you can do it. we all go through similar.
    you are strong.
    i used to cry while doing my chores. i don't cry anymore from my last ex.
    you can do it!!!

    • I hope so..:(

    • I have two kids. Everything was briken 4 years ago. My family n my heart. I was blamed for not able to keep a husband.
      Took me a yr to get my emotiins back. I still have my job n my kids n we have love. We r all happier now, but my fairytale life is gone. It's a diff life but we r doing fine. Try ur best to focuse on better yourself and on your child.
      Forget that he ever exist,

    • That was very encouraging thank you..

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