Does he still care about me?

I've been talking to him for 3 months, we weren't official but we acted like we were in a relationship. We are in the same class, last year we had a thing too but that ended because of me. We had a few problems along the way this time aswell due to me not trying hard enough but a few weeks ago we completely sorted it out and we were fine! It was only a week ago we met up, kissed and acted like a couple. We were getting so close. Then all of a sudden two days ago he messaged me, we had a long conversation and he ended it. He said he doesn't think we will work in a relationship and that he doesn't want to hurt me anymore with his bad mood swings when he acts off or blunt with me and stuff because he knows how upset I've been in the past. But I told him I can easily deal with that. He said I can find someone better and that he really hopes we can be friends, and he kept apologising. He's worried something will happen and that he'll 'fuck it up'. I told him that I'm in love with him and that this is breaking my heart, so it doesn't make sense that he doesn't want to hurt me. He said that this is so hard for him because he really likes me but he just can't hurt me anymore. So I had to accept it, I genuinely thought we would work out well as things were going fine. Did he even care?
Does he still care about me?
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