What does this dream mean?

I and the love of my life broke up 2.5 years ago. I never contacted him neither followed him on social media. I deleted him immediately when we broke up and it was long distance at that time due to different career options (two continents), which was expected to make things easier to forget but 2 intense years of relationship and even him planning and telling me that he'll marry me makes things hard to forget and i yearned for him a lot for about 1.5 year. but i didn't want to be a needy woman and i never called him or even asked our common friends about him. we broke up peacefully ( i initiated it even though he first rejected and then said he is angry with me and he does not see me in his future because i am fed up with distance and not trying) since BU, i have not dated anyone simply because i do not want to, and i just want to focus on my career and things i like. However, recently i have seen him in my dream, which is odd enough, because i haven't since a long time. In my dream, we were running into each other in a youth hostel at a holiday city. we were staying in the same room and he was with a girl. not like dating but trying a relationship. then he saw me and he was confused but i told him that i am not interested and tried not to communicate but he was bothering me. i even heard the girl's name and face. but i dont even know who this girl is in real life by name or by face. i dont even know whether he is still single or dating someone. all i know about him as i recently ran into facebook page of his new startup (i was not looking for him or his stuff, facebook offered me to like the page as about-50 of my friends (common) liked it). I do not get why i dreamt of him. should i be worried that i am not over him subconsciously and i need therapy? or should i review my feelings again which i was sure i came to closure with our relationship 1 year ago. Please help because this dream confused me a lot about myself.
What does this dream mean?
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