We broke up but I didn't want to?

Ok so me and my now ex boyfriend of 5 years broke up two days ago. He found out his job might be at risk whilst we were about to buy a house to live together.
Due to the redundancy I advise to tell him he should look for a new job just in case. He was like ok but in denial as he loves his job whereas I tend to change jobs when I get bored or want more money etc quite easily. Anyway, some jobs might be coming up closer to home which don't require him to be on business travel Monday to Friday (which is something I have had to get used to since we got together). When he mentioned them I said even if his not made redundant he should consider them as they could be good opportunities and we would see eachother more and less petrol etc. He was in denial and just said he doesn't want to leave his job ever etc. Made me feel rubbish he wouldn't consider it ever as his away a lot which I said but it's up to him.
He then turned around and said he didn't want to be in the relationship anymore... Scroll down
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Well not that he didn't just that he didn't know.

To which I was like? I only said don't not consider it just because your job is safe now a business is a business...

He then said he wasn't ready to move out which obviously made everything a mess.

Next day he "agreed" to rent for a year to see if we suited as a couple after I suggested it as he was stressing out.

A week later he was ok again and I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to rent and was up for the convo, after I said about...
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Costs he said ok mortgage makes sense then. I was like are u sure though and he said he was over the thing a few weeks ago etc.

We viewed a house on Saturday and saw a house again we liked a month ago. We put in an offer but I kept checking he was ok with it and he was like yes I'm sure... We planned to pull out Friday if he lost his job.

On Monday he then got a job update again and went back to doesn't know if he wants to be with me again. He finds out Friday about the redundancy...
We broke up but I didn't want to?
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