Should I give up?

When should you truly just give up on trying with someone. I know I'm young and have a lot to learn and to live, but I honestly feel as though I may have found the right person for me, but we ended things because they weren't working. Is it possible that it could possibly work later on in life (we do our own things for sometime) or should I just completely give up, forever?


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  • Never say 'forever' when you're not old enough to legally consume alcohol. Seriously, kids these days :p

    There's more than one 'right person' out there. You probably won't believe me until proof walks up your doorstep, but if it wasn't the case, the chance of your soulmate being born in the same place and time as you would be too small for anyone to get a chance at true love :)

  • Don't worry... there'll be others and one day you'll either not even remember this guy or you'll laugh about it. You're far too young to have found just the ONE. There are many ones out there for you.


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