I need some closure I'm trying to understand why would she ask this of me? Or what changed I dont understand?

Ok so when me and my ex were together (longdistance relationship) we wouldn't ever get freaky or flirt much because she told me she wasn't ready for all that. So we never did any of that but one day we got in a big argument and broke up. Months after she reached out and we became friends. Now she would try to flirt and get freaky with so I thought this means she wants me back so I told her I still had feelings for her and that I wanted her to be mine again but she told me no that she wanted to just be friends that occasionally flirt, like wtf really? I just told her I still have feelings and that's what she tells me? She went on to say that we are different bs and that we fought a lot back when we were together. She said she was fine if I wanted to see other people because will just be friends that will occasionally flirt. I told her no that I care for her to much to be ok with that and asked her to never get in contact with me again. Why would she ask that of me? Before she would never want to get freaky/flirt & now she is down with that but not be my girl? I'm trying to understand why? Any help would really be appreciated.
Is she not attractive to me or something? I'm just trying to understand


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  • She just doesn't have feelings for you and doesn't want to be with you, accept that. Guys flirt with girls they don't want to date, and some girls do that too.

    • I've known her for almost 2 years and everytime I have cut her out my life she has always came back & told me she does care about me that's what I dont understand

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    • Wait so your saying I should stick around to boost her ego even if it hurts me?

    • Nvm I see what your saying, sorry I'm just really stressed out. I'm just going to move on. Thanks

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