How do I recover from making a fool of myself?

I made such a fool of myself and messaged him like a million times asking for closure.
Eventually he messaged me back soaring he would call tonight because he is coming back for uni holidays and we can arrange some time to catch up.
Obviously when we catch up I would really like to talk about whatever happened between us, but he also HATES talking about serious stuff and I want to recover myself from looking like a complete fool.

I don't even know why he left in the first place, we were happy, there was nothing wrong with our relationship. I want him back but I know this definitely isn't the way of going about it!


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  • So this is messy. you are bonded, very emotional and he is flighty? Chances are he runs again.

    Switch to verbal... and find a relationship counselor you can both talk to about how you feel, what is going on in your relationship. That's best chance to make something out of this.

    He hates talking about serious stuff because he cannot express or connect his feelings. Not a good sign...

    You did what you did because you are quite emotional (women are emotional).


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  • Most guys don't like sitting down and having serious conversations, let alone plan for them. You may not get closure. A big question is why do we ladies feel we need it? What will we benefit from it?
    It's hard to bounce back from acting like a crazy person over texting someone we care about. Text isn't the best way to communicate, especially when we're are trying to get someone's attention. If a guy doesn't respect you enough to give you reasons why he's ended a relationship then he isn't worth your time. Take the closure as "he wasn't good enough for me!"

    • I'm going to meet up with him sometime though and I would really like to show him that I am good time and let him explain but without making it a big thing because he hates talking. I just wish I could get him back.

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    • So what do I say when I see him?

    • Don't bring any of that up and act extremely casual. See if he brings it up... if he doesn't than take that as your closure, meaning that he doesn't care to give you any.
      I know that's hard but I honestly think if you chose to drag it out of him he may only feed you BS just to shut you up and you won't feel any better. He would've made the effort when you were frantically texting him if it truly mattered. Go into it with 0 expectations so you won't be disappointed either way xo

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  • Simply keep it to small talk. Like your restarting the relationship.

  • This sounds pretty messy.
    You're saying you want closure but you also want to get back together.


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