He has broken me too much. Can someone tell me how I say Goodbye to a guy I still care for... But cannot see any longer?

i met this dude end of April. We really had a connection. He's 28, I'm 21; He was cheated on in a long term relationship with a girl; he spent the last year sleeping around. He lives in the basement of a family, is in a band, has no car, & speaks English half well. Also he has a receding hairline..
I went to his band's show, slept over a few times, we had sex, I did favors for him (like driving him to a couple places) among other things. He knows I am fully down for him & would be willing to be committed to him; however, since our second date, he told me he isn't ready for a relationship bc he is dealing with issues from the last (his ex has been with the guy she cheated on him with for over A year now & they live in different countries) but I cannot put up with how he is "recovering" or dealing with his issues. He wants to continue sleeping around, taking other women out, no commitment. Even tho I believe he was honest when he said he's a relationship guy (his history proves that) but his behavior now does not. I see activity where he is chatting with and wanting to meet with other women online.. They are trashy women too, posing half naked, or just tacky in general. I'm educated, have a good mind and character, super kind, and I've been told I am model material. He has told me this too, &how he doesn't know what I see in him and he doesn't want to hurt me by being who he is.
i thought it was a line or something, maybe it is.. All I know is that I cannot do this any longer. It's been 3 days since I've heard from him; a full week since I've seen him. He has been completely free.. He only bartends on weekends. He isn't putting in any effort and I feel cheated.

I know he'll text me again & want to see me. What do I say to him? I can't see him again bc then j won't be able to turn away, and I now know for myself I need to. It isn't fair to me. I am crazy for the guy... And I feel like he's walking all over me.


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  • He is a cheater, a liar, A heartbreaker?

    Is that really the guy you want to grow old with? Think about how many more times he would cheat if you didn't caught him and even if he says that he is sorry and won't do it again,.. (yea we believe that!). You need to get over him and move on to someone who respects, honors and cherishes you (a real man ).


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