If there's someone you like and you both look at each other for 5 seconds do they like you?

Okay so there's this guy I've liked for a while we only communicate mainly through text this year I started speaking to him in school because we hadn't before we've had 2 conversations we never get the chance as are timetables different he's in a different year. He always uses smileys when we're texting. Sometimes acts funny.

Today he was at his locker I walked down looked at him as I walked past he looked at me then I looked down past to see if my friends were at there locker still and they were waited a long time. Then came out walked down the corridor and him and 2 of his friends were there.. Then as I got closer he watched me stopped talking , when I was past him his mate asked him for smoke and he said loudly I don't smoke , today I don't smoke . I looked back to see if my friends were behind me still they were a bit behind I looked at him for 5 secs I realized he was also looking at me then I quickly turned around and carried on walking. Then after he left with them right behind us


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  • Eye contact is good...


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