Should I tell thi guy that his girl friend has been cheating on him with me?

This girl totally fooled me and really made me believe that she liked me through her actions and words. At first my intentions were to have a one night stand and let her go because she has a boyfriend and because I've been single for five years and I love it, but we kept secretly hanging out after work three to five times a week and I completely fell for her and totally opened up myself to her. People at work saw our obvious chemistry and always asked us if we were together because we were inseparable which made it even harder to stay away partly because of all the encouragement from co workers. I know that I Should have stayed away because she is taken but their was no denying that her and I had perfect chemistry. Needless to say when she would talk to my buddies at work about her relationship it really seemed like she was not happy in her relationship. finally after long conversations and make out sessions she and I had agreed to hang out and make our hidden relationship public by going to a bar with some of her friends. To me the night was perfect and it meant a lot to me because she was finally done hiding me from her friends so I thought this was the stepping stone for her leaving her boyfriend and us starting a fresh relationship. After that night she and I didn't talk at all for four days even though I did reach out to her. When we finally saw each other at work she baffled me with news that she loves him and never wants to be with me. A part of me wants to hurt her as much as she hurt me by telling her man. Call it immature and perhaps it could just be my pride talking but I really feel like I won't feel better about myself unless I do so. Any advice?


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  • To be honest I'd let it go. If she's a manipulator she could easily convince her boyfriend that you're jealous and angry because she rejected you. He's bound to believe her word over yours, unless you have concrete proof to show him

    I do believe in the saying, " the messenger is always shot" . So you'll end up looking like the bad one, because she'll lie and twists things to make you look like the a "man scorned"

    Most people have been fooled and deceived by someone, but I'd walk away with my dignity rather than satisfy my pride. If you tell him, it'll show her just how much she hurt you. Why give her the satisfaction of seeing you suffer. Let her think you are over it

    • I agree, I have a co-worker that tried to do this, and the girl accused him of raping her and he caught charges.

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  • the damage has been done and there is nothing else to loose on your part i would tell him and if he wants to fight step up and take what he gives. because i think for things like that you need to pay to play.

    i understand totally what your saying but it needs to be out out there before she finds another guy and you might not have been the first.


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  • Part of me thinks her boyfriend should know what kind of a hoe his girlfriend is. Another part of me thinks that u should let it go. It wouldn't have gotten serious anyway. Maybe she sensed that u were there for fun times and didn't want to risk her relationship for you. I'd say let it go.. uve had ur fun it's nothing serious.


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  • Mind your own.
    Your ego is hurt she doesn't want to be with you atm, your purely acting on emotion. Just leave them both be

  • funny you didn't tell her boyfriend when it was going on but now you want to since she doesn't want you.

    grow up

  • She is a typical whore... She is a cheater... Someone should beat her assup so bad that she for of her injuries... Hate women like that..

    And even you are am idot... You knew she is Yemen so you are a jerk too.. Someone should best your ass up too...

    Now at least do the right thing by telling her boyfriend about it...


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