How long should it take to get over an Ex you been with for a year?

How long should it take to get over an Ex you been with for a year?

It's hard to get over an Ex. It took me 3 months to get over him.. and 9 months to actually move on and be with someone else. I was mad at myself for being so upset because he cheated on me and straight up left me. Leaving me in the dark. He didn't tell me why until 2 months later he came back and got the rest of his stuff. He basically just told me he was bored with me and that I didn't give him enough sex. I felt whatever the reason was he could've just been a man and told me before just getting up and leaving me. The next day after he left I cried because all the shit I did for him I really loved him and he made me feel that he actually loved me deeply as well. After he broke up with me. I soon began to have insecurities, became depressed, and felt I could never be happy again. But obviously God had another plan... he brought another man into my life that is very special to me. We been together for 6 months and now where engaged and I'm happier then ever. I moved from california to Vegas... found me a place... got a job... met new friends... joined a bowling league and met my king. Some advice for people that's having a hard time letting go and want to move on... first get out of that dark place. Dont hide...& dont get to down about it. Especially if your the one that put your all into the relationship Forgive & forget. Please know your worth... love yourself... and BE YOURSELF. Don't rush into a relationship build a friendship with a person first. Build trust with that person. If you feel that person deserves your heart then believe in that person believe in love, it's real... you deserve love. Make sure you love yourself before loving someone else. Your worthed. & Don't go breaking others hearts because yours was broken. Love makes the world go round. Please put your opinion... and feel free to give some advice thankyou :)
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How long should it take to get over an Ex you been with for a year?
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