He's happy being single and I hate it?

My ex ended things with me about a month ago almost out of the blue, saying it was getting too serious and he wanted to be single. He is away at uni.

We texted about once a week until a few weeks ago when I heard nothing.
He's back for holidays now and we are planning to catch up.
We just had a good chat on the phone and I found out that he is sleeping around a bit. Not heaps, but a bit. This makes me a bit uncomfortable hearing this because although I already knew in my head, I guess i'm more worried about him falling for someone else and then his excuse for us ending is irrelevant.

It makes me so anxious. I know he is happy being single but I miss him so much.


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  • You are stupid if you consider a man who 'sleeps around' (even if it is not too much) as a long term prospect.

    • How did you make it almost 3 decades without understanding that women WANT men who a lot of other women want? Shit, I can't be too critical, there was a LOT that I didn't understand about women until my mid-30's. But I knew that they wanted guys that other women wanted in my early 20's. That's why I used to wear a ring even before I was married.

      It's called pre-selection. Same thing with how they want guys that have girlfriends, or are married. One woman shows that you have value, suddenly a lot more want you.

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  • You've gotta try to move on or you're just gonna torture yourself. Honestly, I'd advise against hanging out when he's home and talking regularly. You're just keeping yourself on a hook...


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  • Sounds like you're upset he broke up with you and don't want him to be happy because you aren't. It'll pass once you move on.


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  • Understandable feeling...
    But, if it really bothers you. I recommend just take a break thinking about him.
    Go hang out with your friends and go have fun.
    Just give it some time..


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