Wife cheating with another woman?

I'm somewhat confused and concerned and would like some feedback. Just before marrying I found that my wife had cheated on me with a guy just a few weeks before our wedding. She's always expressed somewhat of interest in girls as well. Now she's friends with a girl at her work that was in a relationship with another woman. They've since broken up. Now she and my wife spend a lot of time together and seem to becoming friends to a point that she doesn't want me to know what they're texting about or IM'ing about all the time. I'm now suspicious that there is once again cheating going on which will lead to me packing up and hitting the road. I told her that I would do this without question or discussion if it happened again. What's your all take on this?


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  • She's having an affair. When a woman is bi-sexual, it is difficult to be in a monogamous relationship. The 'yearn' to be with another woman would always co-exist with her relationships with men. But judging by the affair she had prior to the two you getting married {with a guy}, this woman is clearly not ready to be committed to anyone!

    You have either two options...

    (1) Get out now!


    (2) Enjoy a perfectly good threesome 'sans' the porno DVDs!


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like it's time to start packing...


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