I can't seem to get over it?

Ok so a little background: I'm an incoming senior in high school. When I was about two my parents divorced. So living in two houses is all I have ever known. They divorced because they were too different. Not fights or affairs. They just kind of fell out of love. My mom re-married to a man who became a second dad to me. My dad has been in a relationship with a wonderful woman for the past 9 years. One year ago I left for the weekend to be at my dads about 30 minutes away. When I came back Monday morning I was told that my stepdad had been having an affair for the past year and left when he was caught. About a week later he ended the affair and asked for forgiveness. My mom, trying to keep the family together as I had two step brothers, allowed him back and try to save the marriage. After he came back it was all tension and lots of fighting because we discovered he never ended the affair. After a week he left again, while I was away at my dads. It's been a year since all this. And I still can't get a grip. I think about it every day and some days I become very depressed. I still get to see my step brothers every several weeks. Their mom has been very kind about letting us see them. I suspect they don't see their dad very much anymore because of his actions. He didn't even show up to their recent graduations. I just don't know why I can't let go and I don't know how to cope
I can't seem to get over it?
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