How do I lose feelings, in other words how do I get over him?

I was dating a guy for three months the first two months were great but the third was bad we didn't talk and we acted like strangers, I knew he lost feelings so i kissed him thinking he would catch them again he didn't unfortunately and then I dumped him thinking he cheated on me (he didn't) so I said sorry but he already said he was supposed to been break up with me which is why he was awkward about kissing, I really liked him and now I think we aren't even friends, how do I get over him?😰👋💔


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  • The best thing I have found that helps is distraction. Focus on work, your hobbies, and interests. Keep yourself to busy to have time to even think about it. replace the void with something productive. Productivity increases morale and builds confidence.


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  • It was 3 months. You'll be fine in a few days.

    • No im thirteen the only thing we did was kiss and he already stopped talking to me then

  • Did you two do anything sexual at all that might've caused him to stop talking to you


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