My ex girlfriend kissed me after 2 months apart what does this mean?

So my ex and i were together for 8 years. married for 9 months. 2 months ago she walked out because of communication wasn't there between us. we also have 2 children together. Come to find out a week after leaving she found a rebound. Last Sunday i had a family party at my house. She showed up and played a game of beer pong with me then told me she had 2 use my bathroom. About 10 minutes go by i want 2 check on her. I found her in our room on the floor crying in the dark. I asked what was wrong and we talked a little.. she stood up put her hand behind my head and started making out with me then pulled me 2 the bed not letting me go. The next day she texted me and said this was interfering with her new relationship and changed her number but still contacts me.. we aren't talking divorce yet but what does it mean that she did this.. Please help!


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  • She is emotionally messed up and you can't trust any of her actions right now. Don't get involved, let her decide what she wants, and you decide what you want. One of you needs to keep a clear head and prioritize the kids, and she clearly can't.

    • The girls are and have been my number 1 priority. Its actually brought me closer 2 them. Ill admit i have not been the best towards her. Its one of those you dont realize what you have til its gone. A day or 2 after that happend and changed her number i got a alert she tried 2 hack my fb (least it shows she still cares). I convinced her Sunday when she comes for the girls to talk if she would like about what happend. Im just worried its a game she is playing on me or a plan B if it does not work out with rebound.

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    • The children are safe i handled that situation 2day. I understand what your telling me to focus on my kids and i have been. I know she thinks i can't trust and 2 be honest i can't... Marriage is about forgivness of mistakes and moving forward right? Thats all im trying 2 do im just worried about her safety as well

    • Marriage was and should remain about trust and honour, and she has broken both, so forcing yourself to try to reconcile the relationship simply because you're married is pointless. If there is not trust and no respect, then the marriage isn't a successful one or fulfilling, and two people shouldn't spend their lives together if they're miserable.

  • She was feeling lonely

    • She wouldn't be lonely if she just came home to figure this situation out as a married couple. lol. she got me to the point of insanity by doing what she did that night. Just makes me believe there is still hope. You know.

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