When a girl breaks up with you, does she really wanna be friends?

When a girl says let's just be friends for now.
Does she really want to be friends or is she just saying that to ease the break up and hope you stop contacting her?
Or do they genuinely want to be friends and would get upset if you didn't want to?

Because I told her I didn't want to be just friends at first and she said OK I won't bother you then.
She seemed upset, so I told her we can talk whenever she wants.
Now it seems when I message her she's too lazy to respond. Not so quick to reply like she use to when we were dating.

Seems like she wants to be guilt free and make it seem like I'm in the wrong.

Am I just being played or I'm just reading too much into this?
So I'm a fool right? I feel like this is where the double standard comes into play. I rather a girl just tell me to fuck off than give a guy false hope. But I guess it's a pride thing too.


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  • Most girls don't want to be friends and that's just a nice way of putting it. HOWEVER there are definitely cases in which BOTH parties can agree that they are better off friends. But if she's the one initiating and the guy is still into her, then she's just trying to be nice. They'd typically get mad if you say you don't want to because that seems inconsistent with what they expected. Like "I broke up with you, I thought you still loved me, so shouldn't you want to try and be with me in whatever way you can?" it sounds dumb but that's the truth in many cases.


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  • It depends on how did you break up. But in your case I think she said that just to make it easier, let it go. She doesn't want to keep in touch, maybe you two need time until you be able to become friends

  • No. She wants to be left alone


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