How can he just act like I don't exist?

My boyfriend or should I say ex boyfriend and I broke up on Monday and he is completely ignoring me and even turning his phone off. Is there a way out of this or is that it now? We was together five years and I think we broke up as a heat of the moment thing. He has always said once you break up that's it in the past about ex gfs etc. How can someone do that when they are such a big part of your life?

Yeah I'm not sure how to work this site either lol.

Feel so sad. Xx


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  • I feel for you.. It's so messed up I'm going through the same thing at the min. We have been together for 8 years. And he act so cold hearted.
    Just leave him to it. If he wants you to be part of his life he will contact you. Don't chase him let him miss you. One way or the other he will contact you when he's ready at the min he's become a cave man

    • Sorry to hear that. Well we have no reason to speak again except if he wants to out of missing me. He doesn't seem to care though. Your guy spoken to you? X

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    • Think it just went through x

    • He might be doing the same. Look it's not your fault he's the one that's caused all this. If you feel like going round to his to see if you can sort it out? Then go at least you will know for sure! To tell you the truth I would do it myself this way I know that I did everything thing possible and have no grits. Then move on 5 years is along time to throw away. But it's put to you.
      I would do it but my relationship has gone through a lot. It's always me who's been doing that running. Now I'm tired. He should not have to think twice about our relationship. He's alway done that every time when he's got a problem and can't handle it

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  • He did his grieving and thinking before you broke up. He is acting like you dont exist becuase he has already crossed that mental bridge... think of it this way. He is a man of his word... he is doing exactly what he said he would do.

    • We only put a house offer in two days before lol. And he was fine with me xx

    • He may have seemed fine on the outside but that type of behavior would suggest that he wasn't fine for a while. Guys don't typically throw away women they actually have feelings for for stupid reasons. Or on a whim.

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  • Some people choose to take their life like that, they don't give second chances and sometimes thats good and sometimes that's bad because he could be throwing away something really well. Just let him have his space though, if he regrets it he'll come back but don't be 'waiting' still go on with your life.

    • Yeah I just can't stand the thought of us not speaking again. His been down recently and I want to support him but he just pushes me away. Xx

  • Once you break up its over, leave him alone and move on

  • Omg same on basically everything it's frustrating me and it doesn't make sense to me.

    • Let me know if he reaches out to you x

  • What do you expect him to do? It's over. He's acting like normal. You're obsessing

    • Its only been a week how's it obsessing?

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