Will there ever be a chance for me?

I took the first steps towards recovery and healing from a past fling. Despite it being just a fling I truly fell in love with her period for three years she always had reasons as to why she did not want to commit. Religion School or health problems. The brief 2 months we were seeing each other she did not want to put a label on things even though I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. After she ended things I remain supportive as she was dealing with some health problems. A few months after and do things with me we were hanging out one night and she went through my phone and got upset that I was talking to other females. I admit that I did talk to other females only because she would never commit and give me a real shot at a real relationship. We maintained contact over the the next few months until she came out and told me she had a boyfriend. This hurt very much as I tried for 3 years to get her to give me a chance and now somebody else got an opportunity. Also in the months before telling me she had a boyfriend she kept asking me if I was seeing somebody and it made me feel as though she was trying to get back with me. I ended up telling her we can no longer talk is she sent me a long paragraph but I did not respond I just simply blocked her. I miss her very much but I know it would have been an endless battle to get her to finally want me that way. Moving on has been extremely difficult as I have tried everything including going out more and joining online dating sites. Females have been very judgmental of me because I am not tall. As such moving on has been very difficult and my self-esteem has dropped very much as I believe nobody would ever give me the chance because I am not tall. And all I ever wanted was to live a normal life and to be treated normally like everybody and to have a normal relationship like everybody else has experienced.


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  • I feel for you.

    I don't think she loved you like you loved her. Hell, she didn't even appreciate you commitment and efforts.

    Why should a man like you be sad? You shouldn't.
    You lost someone who didn't even love you.
    The woman lost someone who loved her more than anything.


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  • You will get there. Jsit give it time


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