What affect did your parents divorce have on your relationships?

I was just wondering what's going through your mind when you consider a SO. I would like help with my "situation" but if you wanna just talk about your experience that would be great as well.
So my crush's mom got married and divorced twice. Surprisingly he seemed to be very serious about me. He chased me for more than a year. And he would stare at me all the time and act very gentlemanly. When we did encounter each other he would stammer. He'd flirt with girls that weren't interested in front of me to make me jealous sometimes but other times he's ignore hot girls hitting on him around me. Finally we did talk (last December). He kissed up to my parents. He hated my guy friends and he complimented my personality a lot. He stared at me and smiled and listened to my every word. He can be a little flirty and he stares at me a lot but he was cool. I didn't show much interest at all (I'm shy) so he backed off and we didn't talk except that one time. When I see him he sits next to me but we don't speak to each other. He's very shy around me. He knows my friend so sometimes if we're together he'll give us a hug but he just stares at me a lot and doesn't speak to me. What should I do? Does he still like me?
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He stares at me a lot when I walk down the halls. We only see each other once a week if I'm lol icky but he usually sits next to me in class and is shy around me although normally he's confident. I think he does like me I just am having a hard time showing interest because we don't see much and we talk a lot.


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  • he likes you, doesn't like competing guys or potentially competing. lol start holding his hand, and telling him you don't like girls that are his friends. =)

    • Lol he doesn't have many girl friends. We don't talk that much. He goes in between his mom and his dad so I don't see him much. I like him a lot. I meet other guys and talk/flirt with them but it's not the same. He's so caring. I wanna tell him but we barely talk so..

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  • My parents divorce has really affected me. I'm happy they are divorced because my dad was a controlling narcissist, but I tend to be attracted to guys like my Dad. I fall for them, they take me for granted and then screw me over and break my heart. I'm really trying to learn from everything, but I keep ending up in the same positions. I'm like my Mom in that respect. Anyways, the bruises my dad has left have not healed and i'm reminded of them with all my failed relationships.

    • That's rough. I hope you continue to press forward.
      I'm the same way. Even tho my parents are not divorced (thank goodness) I tend to pick people who are like my father, in both good and bad ways. My dad is great but he has a temper and is very sensitive so I tend to pick guys like that.

    • I think it's normal for people to date people similar to the opposite sex parent.

    • That's true.

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  • When I was little they talk about it cause they argue too much and it get physical sometime but hopefully they never divorce. Now I tend to not get angry and to be the calm one in the relationship I have. Even if they don't divorce I'm really afraid.

    • Yeah that's difficult, especially when they get physical.

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    • Yeah my mom's dad hit her mom when she was little. My grandma is very difficult, but still doesn't. Make it right

    • yea that's rude

  • You didn't show interest. What do you expect him to do?

    • Well I must have shown something because he kept persisting. So you tho k there's still a chance. He keeps sitting next to me.

  • Your description has absolutely NOTHING to do with your question.

    • I think she meant like, on your relationship with your bf/gf. Not with your parenta.

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    • I know I explained it in the beginning.

    • @Prodigium yes the polls are for my situation. But the question is for both.
      Sorry to be so confusing 🙂

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