How to move on after 7 months?

He hurt me really badly... he lied a lot and towards the end of the relationship suspected him of cheating (texting with girl) then he acted on it but eventually left her. He texted me for Valentine's day and constantly would bicker to my friends about things i posted on insta since we have mutual friends. Then weeks after one bickering event he started dating this girl who liked him for years. A month and a few days after he had sex with her. Something i didn't give in with him. He admitted that since i didn't let him in there was no point in staying to my friend. For their grad, he saw me from behind and ended up running away leaving his girlfriend behind. He doesn't post many pics of her on insta as he did with me. My friend follows him on snap. He posts a lot of snaps of bed sheets and sexualized things with her. My friend says he's using her and he doesn't love her. But regardless it hurts. Its been 7 months already! I hate him but part of me still feels for him. But everything he did and does hurts me. I just came back from a trip... GOD i want this to end.
How to move on after 7 months?
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