Why my ex Still said he want to married me? Although he was the one who cheated on me?

Me and my ex boyfriend we were in relationship for 4 years. He was always cheating on me. He always got many girls behind me. When I caught up he said " I wanted to play just like a game but I didn't love those girls. I only love you" olo. He never ever honestly to me. Last 2014 I broke up with him a year. After that 2015 he came back and asked me to be back. I wasn't agree, yet. I was waiting to see would he change or not. I dated him 4 time and he seem like he changed, so I agreed to be with him again, but he didn't he asked me to back to him but he still woo other girls. So I decided to broke up with him and Never getting back again. I swear to myself! This years, he still called me and we were have a simple conversation. I don't really care or hate him like before. I knew that he have a new girlfriend but I didn't care at all. I used to love him so so much but now I think i didn't. So fine, If he called me. Once day he called me again and ask me to go out! I said no. He said " I'll go to study abroad I want to meet you. When I come back I will ask my you to marriage me. " I said I don't have feeling for you anymore!!! WTF!!! I don't understand what's he thinking about! He said that while he have new girlfriend. So shameless.


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  • I think it might be best not to associate with this guy at all, even as a friend, if you want to retain your sanity.

    He sounds *incredibly* impulsive.

    The same kind of impulsive nature which allows him to just ask you to marry him out of the blue is probably the same impulsive nature that allows him to just cheat left and right, giving into his immediate temptations always.

    It doesn't like he has any level of self-control whatsoever, and I doubt he'll gain it any time soon with this kind of behavior.

    • It doesn't [sound] like he has any level of self-control whatsoever [...]

    • Yeah, Thank you. He's so selfish. I don't really have any feeling for him.
      I just get so angry and unbelievable what I just heard.

What Girls Said 1

  • first of all NEVER TAKE BACK AN EX!!! NEVER!!!
    sorry to tell you that but he is obviously toying with you... and your emotions... cut all contact with him and move on please!!! he will just cause harm to you and nothing else


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