How to Deal With an Ex You See on a Regular Basis?

Long story short my ex and I broke up on not great terms for a number of reasons and I would love to never see his face again. However, I made the terrible mistake of dating a teammate (never. again. ever). So coming up here in the not so distant future I'll be stuck seeing him and his friends on an almost daily basis at practises which is really quite unfortunate. What's the best way to deal with this scenario tactfully? He's the kind of guy that's still great friends with all of his exes and I really just want to expunge him from the last two years of my life and my future. Any advice on how to deal with him?


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  • Actors get paid to pretend. You may not be an actor, but there might be a time when you need to pretend that you are doing fine when you really aren’t. It is a way of protecting yourself from further hurt. Get yourself through an awkward interaction in any way that you can.

    Discuss it later with a trusted friend or family member, which will allow you to process the feelings that were stirred up. Venting your feelings is a legitimate way of processing feelings and will probably make you feel better.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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