Why didn't he reply?

My ex texted me to start a conversation but then took hours to reply.
He always would reply straight away when we were dating wtf?


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  • HE fell asleep?
    He dating
    He on the toliet
    he working
    He having sex
    He drunk
    He volunteering
    He driving
    He washing his car
    Take care of his niece.
    Washing clothes
    In a bar
    Playing Games

    • Also maybe a porno advertisement popped up as he was browsing on his computer to look for Game of Thrones torrents at which point he got surprised and accidentally knocked over a drink, accidentally clicking the advertisement while cleaning up the spill only to find a video clip of the sexiest girl he's seen in a few days at which point he had no choice but to jerk off.

    • @ak666 i think you're on to something.

  • Testing the waters... seeing if you'll reply.


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